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Continuous Learning for an Ever-Ready Sales Force

If you’re like most sales enablement leaders, a lot of your time, energy and creativity goes into onboarding new sales reps. After all, getting reps competent and productive quickly is a top priority for every sales organization.

But what about your strategy for continuous learning? No matter how good your onboarding process is, no rep leaves it 100 % competent. Plus, there is the need to perpetually keep reps ready with the latest product, market and competitive intelligence. How confident are you that your entire field force is ready for the conversation they are about to have with your buyers? A continuous readiness strategy and plan is essential to having that confidence.

Sirius Decisions’ Heather Cole and Jim Ninivaggi discuss important concepts around continuous readiness including: 

  • What is the Perpetual Readiness model?
  • How the Millennial field force is different and the importance of continuous readiness
  • The latest data from SiriusDecisions’ ground-breaking study on continuous readiness
  • The critical paths for continuous learning and why you need to deliver learning across all three
  • Best practices for building, deploying and measuring your continuous readiness content, including leveraging technology and tools that ensure reps are “ever ready”